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Pediatric Nutrition is Covered by Arkansas Medicaid

Arkansas Medicaid will cover your child’s enteral or drinking formula needs. We have listed the guidelines below or you can call Finnegan Health Services for more information at 501-663-6600.

What is an enteral formula?

An enteral formula is a formula designed to provide all of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the patient. These formulas can be served by mouth, orally, or by tube, tube-feeding. The formulas are not the same as infant formula although the idea is the same. 

Some children have the inability to gain weight, process certain foods, or have such severe allergies to foods that a nutritional formula is necessary. Arkansas Medicaid will provide these oral enteral formulas.

What does Arkansas Medicaid Cover?

If your child needs to drink enteral nutritional formulas, Arkansas Medicaid will cover it with some restrictions. Finnegan Health Services supplies children all over the state of Arkansas with enteral drinking formulas, nutrition like puddings, and thickeners*. 

*While thickeners do not count as oral nutrition, if your child has a swallowing issue, contact us at and we can get Arkansas Medicaid to cover it with a prescription.

There is no dollar limit in providing enteral nutrition formulas on Arkansas Medicaid. The child must be 5 to 18 years old and have a valid medical diagnosis and prescription. The child must also be up to date on their Well Child Visits, called EPSDTs, in order for Arkansas Medicaid to provide. 

The prescription limit is 3,000 calories or 30 units of formula per day. The doctor who signs the prescription must be the child’s Primary Care Physician, called PCP, and not a nutritionist. Records may be necessary from the child’s nutritionist but Arkansas Medicaid’s guidelines require the PCP to be informed and the prescribing doctor for the child. 

More information about the specifics of the prescription are here. If you are ready to take a prescription form to your doctor for you child, you can download that here.

Finnegan Health Services is here to answer any and all questions about Enteral and Oral Nutrition supplies. Please call us today at 501-663-6600 or email and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help.

We also have sales representatives covering the entire state of Arkansas. If you would like an educational in-service about Nutrition or any of the products Medicaid cover, we are happy to set up an appointment. Email to set this appointment up.

Finnegan Health Services has been serving Little Rock since 1984 and Statewide in Arkansas since 1991. We serve necessary medical supplies to the Arkansas Medicaid population. We ship Arkansas state wide for FREE and always have. Our customers receive the best service and they are happy to share their reviews. Please call us with your questions today!

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