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Successfully Hire a Caregiver Step by Step

1.List all the responsibilities for the caregiver, no matter how minor. Clear expectations in the beginning of your working relationship with your caregiver will make hiring (and possibly firing), a clean process.

2. Approach a trusted caregiver source or person of your choosing. Hire someone you and your loved one trust. The caregiver must be understanding, patient, and thoughtful to you and your loved one.

3. Conduct a phone interview first, if possible. When you are ready to meet, we recommend meeting in public over meeting in private. This is for your safety before you have checked references and asked for a drug test. Ask the caregiver for references that you must check. This is the time to ask all of your questions. Have them prepare in advance by emailing some of your questions. Remember, you are not only checking information, but also checking their personality, temperament, and to see if you “click” with each other. Trust your gut always.

4. Things to Request:
-Drivers License copy or number
-Home address
-Cellular and home number (if available)
-Proof of licensure (if you require)
-Proof of CPR training

5. After meeting and gathering information, it is wise to request a criminal background check and drug test (if desired). Begin to narrow your list down based on your interview and information.

6. When you narrow your list to one or two, you can work with the caregiver agency to check out the employee in the home setting. If you are independently hiring, make sure you feel secure with that person and that your loved one does too. Don’t hire a caregiver in a rush.

You may have to complete this process several times before finding the right caregiver. Finnegan Health Services is here to help you and your loved one via our caregiver resources. Once the caregiver is able to evaluate your needs, we are just a phone call away. Call 501-663-6600 to reach us or email

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