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What is a Medicaid Extension of Benefits?

If you or a loved one are receiving medical supplies on Medicaid you are already familiar with the rules set by the state of Arkansas. Most medical supplies are covered but with quantity limits. Finnegan Health Services follows our laws strictly for our patients’ safety.

But what if the medical supplies you receive are not enough to cover your needs for the whole month?

There is a program on Medicaid called an Extension of Benefits and it is designed for those few who need more supplies than what has been deemed the norm. Finnegan Health Services expert staff processes hundreds of extensions monthly. With Finnegan, you are in smart hands.

To receive an Extension of Benefits under Medicaid in Arkansas, a few measures must be taken.

First, we must know why you need more supplies?

Are your incontinence supplies leaking or not holding well enough? This could be an issue of absorbency or a manufacturer flaw. Let us know right away if you are having these issues and we will work to either place you in a more absorbent product or report the flaw to the manufacturer and get you new incontinence product. 

Do you or a loved one have a medical diagnosis where the normal quantity is not enough? Medicaid will cover more supplies on a case by case basis through an extension. For example, a pediatric patient who has Type 1 Diabetes or a patient who has frequent, documented Urinary Tract Infections(UTIs) and needs more catheters. Finnegan Health Services is always here to help with your needs.

We ask this important question because we want to ensure our patients are in the best product for their needs. Not everyone needs super absorbency or a different style of incontinence product, but more times than not, this solves the problems. Finnegan Health Services is here to help you find the best absorbency and right fit for you, or your patient.

Sometimes a journal of usage is required by Medicaid for documentation, so if you are using more than your month’s worth of covered product, start using a journal for your case. This journal should show the date and time of every issue, changing the product, and what product was used. These journals help us help you.

What happens when my Extension is approved?

Working together, Finnegan Health Services will send your paperwork to Medicaid. When approved, we will discuss the additional supplies and how they will be shipped. You may or may not receive all of the requested supplies. This happens frequently and it is unfortunate. Luckily, Finnegan has a retail website to help you purchase any additional supplies, not covered by Medicaid for your extension, with a debit or credit card.

Once Medicaid has approved your extension, you will receive the additional quantity of products for 6 months. You are unable to change anything during this 6 months, including size and quantity. We can not make any changes to the approved extension for 6 months. An extension must be reapplied for every 6 months. Finnegan Health Services will work with you to make sure there is no gap or not a long gap for the additional supplies. It is always appreciated if our patients can help us by keeping doctor’s appointments to ensure proper records.

Remember, an extension can not be changed by Finnegan Health Services once approved. And if the additional products are not used, there is a strong chance the extension will not be renewed. Please work with Finnegans to ensure your patient is getting the right product before we apply for the extension. 

Arkansas Medicaid can be tricky to navigate. Let Finnegan Health Services take care of your needs or your patient or loved ones’ needs by calling 501-663-6600 or emailing today!

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