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Which Diaper Product Do I Need?

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Deciding on a medical diaper product can be frustrating. There are so many options in the world of medical supplies. For a child, a regular baby diaper or a children’s pull-on diaper may be sufficient to handle the inability to potty train or incontinence issues. But what about when your child becomes an adolescent and still needs incontinence products? What do you do as an adult dealing with incontinence?

Medical diapers and baby diaper products like pull-ups are hard to find on the shelf. And even then, you need to go to a pharmacy for larger or adult incontinence sizes. Many pharmacies and medical supply stores do not sell a wide range of products, or range of sizes. An untrained sales person can lead you to the wrong product or size. It can be frustrating. Finnegan Health Services is here to help so that when you call us at 501-663-6600, you are already educated in what is available.

Finnegan Health Services’ Guide to Diaper Products

Educating yourself about children’s and adult diaper products is the first step to being a happy customer. Most people are familiar with diapers and how they work. Pull-ups are also generally familiar to many. But there are also products like belted undergarments, underpads, a wide range of bladder pads and diaper liners. You or your loved one may not need a diaper at all! Understanding your need is what Finnegan Health Services is all about. We are here to educate you about the variety of incontinence products available to you.

What is a Diaper versus a Pull-up?

A medical supply diaper is your traditional incontinence product. It consists of a wide swatch of disposable material that wraps over the genitals and buttocks. It fastens on the sides with tape, which do not restick, or hook and loop tabs that restick. After the diaper is soiled, it is thrown away. Diapers are good for high volume needs. If you or your loved one has full incontinence, is bed bound, is in a wheelchair, or is unable to toilet themselves, a diaper is a good solution. Diapers hold larger amounts of liquid than pull-ups do. They are also somewhat adjustable for sizing.

As with any incontinence product, it is important that the product is changed once it is soiled. Not properly changing out used diapers and other incontinence, can result in skin irritation or even skin breakdown. In the event such an irritation or breakdown occur you may need to utilize proper products to help heal and soothe the skin. Diapers can also chafe the leg areas, and the skin can become sensitive and possibly breakdown if you do not take proper care of it. Proper skin care is essential.

There are also diaper liners if your diaper needs just an extra bit of protection. But generally if your diaper is leaking, you need to find a smaller or larger size, a more absorbent diaper, or check with your doctor for other possible causes and solutions. 

A medical supply pull-up is considered disposable underwear. It is shaped like underwear with seams on the sides instead of tabs on a diaper. The size is set and they are generally less bulky than diapers. This is because pull-ons do not hold as much liquid as diapers. Pull-ons are for men and women who can make it to the toilet most of the time but may have an accident occasionally. Or are afraid they will have an accident. 

Pull-ups are not designed to be worn for long periods of time between changing. They are not as sturdy as diapers because they are not generally meant to hold as much urine. They are slimmer under clothing so detection is harder than if a person is wearing a diaper. Diapers are generally bulkier. 

What Other Incontinence Products Can I Use?

If a diaper or a pull-up isn’t suiting your needs, you could try wearing a bladder pad or belted undergarment. Bladder pads come shaped for both women and men (male guards). These pads stick right in your own underwear and are a much less bulky option to diapers or pull-ups. Bladder pads serve as protection against leaks and accidents with far less material. A wide variety of lengths and thickness are available with bladder pads so that you can establish the proper fit for your needs.

A belted undergarment is also an option. This is a hybrid between a diaper and a pullup. It has a belt to go around the waist so it is fitted and sized. But it has padding more like a diaper than a pull-up. Many patients at Finnegan Health Services prefer a belted undergarment because of the protection it offers in case of an accident, but it can also be worn by someone who can toilet themselves. 

Finnegan Health Services is here to help you find which product is best suited for you on your insurance. Call us today to talk to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives about your diaper product and adult or child’s incontinence options. 

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