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Your Most Needed Ostomy Supplies

Ostomy supplies are an overwhelming topic. There are so many different brands, styles, types for different levels of comfort or convexity. Finnegan Health Services understands that no matter when you had your ostomy surgery, a guide to the products is always helpful. You may learn of a product you didn’t know could help you. Or you may see your new ostomy system in a different light if you have had issues in the past. 

Finnegan Health Services is here to guide and teach you about all the products to serve you for your ostomy care. Some ostomy supplies are only available in the hospital. These products are generally for transitioning out of your surgery and into your new life with a stoma. It is important to be flexible about what kind and brand of ostomy supplies you will use. This is especially true if your insurance is paying for your ostomy supplies. 

Finnegan Health Services has been in the business of supplying ostomy patients since 1984. We know our products, systems, and the best solutions for your stoma needs. 

The Top 5 Ostomy Products

1. Adhesive Wipes and Removers, Skin Prep Wipes, and other Skin Swabs

There are several types of wipes and swabs you can use to prep your skin before you apply your wafer or one-piece ostomy system. Not all styles (wipes vs swabs) are covered by your insurance but most of these products are. To start, you use a skin prep wipe on clean skin. This adds a layer of clear adhesive to the skin. Not everyone needs to use this but it can be helpful. 

Once you are finished wearing your wafer or one-piece, you peel the wafer off the skin. An adhesive remover wipe or swab will make removal much easier.  These wipes remove any trace of glue from the skin. Then you wash with soap and warm water and you are ready for another ostomy bag and wafer.

2. Ostomy Deodorant and Lubricant

Ostomy deodorant is an easy way to stay comfortable with your ostomy output. Before sticking the bag onto the wafer, or before applying the one-piece system, you squeeze this odorless gel into your ostomy pouch. A little goes a long way and this not only works to remove smells, but it also keeps the interior of the bag slick so the waste will drain easily. 

Even though most drainable and closed ostomy bags come with a charcoal filter, the ostomy deodorant is a helpful tool when making yourself comfortable with your ostomy. And comfort is the main goal when using these Ostomy Products.

3. The One-Piece Drainable Pouch

A one-piece system has the wafer (circle or square which attaches to the stoma and makes a sticky landing pad to attach the drainable or closed pouch) and ostomy pouch all in one. There is no need to apply two products. This is helpful to many people because it is less bulky. You cut the attached wafer open to fit your stoma. Stick the one-piece onto your skin and you’re done. When the bag fills, you can drain it. 

There are also closed pouches that when filled, you throw the entire pouch away. These are not recommended for daily use as you can’t drain them and so you must change multiple times a day. The drainable pouch allows for a longer wear time. The more you have to change the wafer around your stoma, the higher risk of irritated skin or skin breakdown. 

Just like a two-piece system’s wafer, the one-piece wafer can come with extended wear, convexity, and the bags come with filters to remove any bag odor, to make it the most comfortable for your use. Sometimes your insurance will dictate what is covered and which products will be covered for your case. Call Finnegan Health Services today at 501-663-6600 to find out which ostomy supplies your insurance covers.

4. Stoma Caps

A stoma cap is a waterproof cover for your stoma. It is small and is not designed to hold any output. Stoma caps are applied the same way as a one or two-piece ostomy system. The difference is that there is no storage capacity. You use a stoma cap to shower, swim, have intimacy, or in any situation where you want to be bag free for up to 20-30 minutes. The risk is high of a leak or blow-out if you forget to change out of it in time. But the risk is worth it to have some freedom with your stoma. Stoma caps keep you living a comfortable, happy lifestyle.

5. Ostomy Support Garments

An ostomy support garment is a wide fabric belt. It keeps your ostomy system hugged to your body. These are great if you have a hernia, are bloated, don’t feel well, your bag keeps rubbing against your clothes, etc. Whatever your problem is, an ostomy support garment can help. The support garment helps smooth out any wrinkles that your pouch may cause under your clothes. These are not always covered by insurance but Finnegan Health Services is happy to help you with questions. 

When you have an ostomy, you have enough on your plate without feeling uncomfortable in your daily life. These products are designed to help you live a more free and unencumbered life. 

Have questions about your ostomy and your instuance coverage?  Email or call Finnegan Health Services at 501-663-6600.

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